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At Roll Play Atlanta, we encourage fiscal literacy and responsibility in today's youth, as well as the joy of giving

back to our community!  10 year old Lathan, son of our Head Chefs, was tasked with creating something that he

loves, to share with the world and to begin to hone these essential life skills.  Since his favorite drink is lemonade, his idea was to create his own brand!  We're still in a pandemic, so we met him halfway to create:


Lathan's (Virtual) Lemonade Stand

Each month, Lathan will join us in the test kitchen to create a lemonade flavor that will be available during each pop-up shop.  He will split the proceeds from all sales with a non-profit organization focused on Autism Awareness.  As there are many great organizations dedicated to Autism, he will select a different organization each month. 


Thank you to all of our "Roll Players" for your continued support!

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